Mon, Feb 17, 2020
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Tuesday, 24 May 2016 16:42

I've been sitting here thinking about trying to start a blog, Joe has one and throughout my Sunday I have been printing, calibrating, playing with kiddos, doing household type things, finally getting around to putting the past episodes of the podcast on YouTube, I have opened WordPad and stared at the screen trying to think of what to do and how to do it. So here we are, Hi! Welcome take a seat and buckle up. What has been going on with me? Well as I sit here waiting for videos to render and watching Big Bang Theory (My go to show when I cant figure out what to watch) and I'm waiting for this week's Game of Thrones to air, I am printing parts for the Davinci's as I said above I spent some time calibrating both machines and think they are printing acceptable prints for working parts. I always think of all the cool things I could print and make a mental note of it to print in the future or add it to one of my many collection lists on Thingiverse, but alas most of my prints end up being calibration cubes, The Marvin keychain from 3D Hubs, and printer parts trying to improve and reconfigure the printers. Which make me both laugh and sad at the same time. Laugh because when I thought of getting a printer the following weeks were filled with trolling Thingiverse and telling my wife about all the things I will print and for the most part not a lot of useful things come off the build plates, sad because I am fortunate enough to own and be a part of the amazing community that is 3D printing and I should be doing more to improve the printers I own to benefit the community that owns the same printers that I do. So I think I will try more to be a contributing party rather than relying on it to better my own experience..... But my desk is very nerdy and cool looking with all the trinkets that decorate it from the printers :). It is getting late and I need to get to bed....and Game of Thrones should be ready for watching, so until next time keep the printers melting plastic and rebel scum out of those trenches.

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Co-founder and host of I'd Print That. Stepped down from podcast duties on July 8, 2016 for personal reasons.

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