Thu, Feb 20, 2020
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Sunday, 18 September 2016 21:39

Episode 36: Pow Right in the Printer

This week we talk about how 3d printing has changes in the last 12 months, a new carbon fiber filament, and 3D Systems's new Figure 4 tech, Carbons new funding, and about the Spawn reboot.

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Sunday, 07 August 2016 16:25

Thank you sir, may I have another?

Seems like the more I stay involved with 3d printing the more things I find I can use it for. I seem to be able to visualize and come up with designs easier and easier which I think is cool. Right now I am still working on new designs. I have a phone mount for our tread mill finished, and I am currently printing an updated design to a GoPro mount. I am also still learning Fusion 360. That is really all that has been going on, so not much more to report.

The lucky person prints are going out this week as well.

Thank you everyone for your support, and thanks for stopping by. 

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Sunday, 31 July 2016 00:19

Anything but Shelter Woods

Over the last week, while I have been busy with work things, I managed to find a little time of the last couple nights to play some Dead by Daylight and having loads of fun doing so. I have enjoyed playing survivor, but I took some time and played the killer last night. My time as the killer was successful. I managed to 4-0 the match. That means no one was able to escape and I was able to sacrifice each player.

I will be working on a couple new designs this weekend with any luck and one of those would mean using Fusion 360 which I am very interested in using. I will also be sending a print to some lucky person so stay tuned.

Thank you everyone for your support, and thanks for stopping by. 

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Saturday, 23 July 2016 21:05

Keep going

As we get farther into summer, the less time I seem to have. I imagine that has to do with the longer days. I am not complaining though because I like to stay busy and the extra light means I can work later and get more finished and if it lets me take care of a extra project for the day then being it on!

Speaking of projects I was able to get all the episodes set for release on YouTube! This was finished on Monday which make me happy since I do not have to worry about that anymore. I will be happier when I am able to do more than just show a boring static image though, but that will come soon enough though.

I have also been working with a company that looks like they may want some consulting and repair work. I will hopefully know more this week since it could be interesting, or they could be blowing smoke up my backside.

Thank you everyone for your support, and thanks for stopping by. 

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Saturday, 02 July 2016 22:33

Who ordered the stress?

I have been wrapped up preparing for a new job opening at work, so I really don't have a bunch to say this week. My accomplishments otherwise what been a few multi-part prints that are not finished and I helped a user with some printer issues. Things should calm down in a day or so that way I can get back to printing and have more to say next week.

Aside from that all of the news for this week is below since we did not talk about any of that on the show.

Thanks for stopping by!

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Saturday, 25 June 2016 23:48

Just a quickie

I feel that we have things down when we record on Saturday. The amount of time it takes to get things wrapped and out the door is a far cry from where it was which I, and my wife, are happy about. 

I started my physical therapy this last week, and I have to say my ankle pain has reduced. Andrew also got a server that I am working on (as I type this actually) which will be our new Minecraft server! Finally, this weeks episode is being compiled in the background as I type this. As always there is a decent amount of news and some refreshers on beginner tips. 

Thanks for stopping by, and any articles that did not make the recording are below.

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First let me start by saying 'Welcome to all the new listeners'. This week we have a treat for you in the form or a longer run time! This weeks episode clocks in at just under 2 hours. You would figure that we cover all the things, be we still managed to miss something!

The thing we mess was a well deserved thank listener Bobby Willhite for contacting us and letting us know about the original use of the milk based 3d scanner. We thought that is was wonderful because its root actually lie in gaming.

While we go over this in the podcast, we have been working on revising the Print of the Month, and should be able to reveal it next week if everything goes well.

Besides that, there has also been talk about moving the release day to Monday rather than Friday. This is a while 4 days sooner, which means some of the things we talk about will still be relevant! ;)

This weeks image is by DimaDerzhavin. It looks so awesome and we think really goes with the episodes title.

Lastly, do us a HUGE favor and take a moment to follow us on SoundCloudTwitterYouTubeInstagram and/or Facebook. In addition, if you can afford it, go to Patreon to provide us some additional monthly support. You can also spread the work on the show by telling your friends.

Thanks you everyone!

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Saturday, 28 May 2016 05:14

Danger Zome

Another weekend is upon us. This happens to be a long holiday weekend for most of us in the US and I plan on spending mine testing filament, writing up a review on my new printer, and just hanging out and letting off a little stress. Oh, ya and plan Overwatch. Since my wife and I have been binge watching Archer, I figured the title of the post would reflect it, much like the title of everything I do. If you have not see Archer, and don't mind animated series's then it is one to watch for sure. It may take a few episodes to understand allot of what is going on, but when you do you will be hooked.

Anyways, enough Archer pimping. Time to post the articles we did not have time to cover in the podcast and get to Overwatching!

Thanks for stopping by!

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Tuesday, 23 February 2016 21:48

Episode 6: I Can Has Purrints

We talk about some cool things in the news, Joe's new hardware and even talk about cats. We even speak a little more about Deadpool and Andrew shares a theater confession.

You can download or listen to the track on SoundCloud and directly off our main page. You can also find us on iTunes and YouTube!

Links to things we discuss (opens in new window/tab):

Thanks for listening, and remember to follow us on Twitter, SoundcloudFacebook, and subscribe on Patreon!


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