Thu, Feb 27, 2020
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Saturday, 30 January 2016 20:09

Work Work

I find myself here in my office once again finishing up the latest list of goings on from the week. Since last week I have been working on a few things like the model of our logo. I was pleased with how the test print came out, but I saw a few things that needed changed to make it a more readable. I just finished those changes this morning and I am now about 35% though the newest test print. In addition to modeling out logo, I have also been working on our business cards. While most people will not see them, since they are mostly for marketing, I will post an image of them once finished. I am hoping they work out and I am crossing my fingers.

In addition to modeling and printing I have updated the website a little. The podcast and blog now has a clickable link off the homepage slideshow and I have made some updates our weblinks. The biggest changes with the weblinks is that the 3D Models links now have their own section. I also added 11 more sites where you can find free and/or paid models to download. That makes a total of 15 sites so far! There were a few other 'house keeping' things done, but nothing to drastic.

It is three weeks into recording the podcast and I find myself looking forward to recording. Be sure to give us a follow or like if you find it enjoyable as well.

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Tuesday, 26 January 2016 06:30

Episode 2: Knowledge Droppin

Knowledge is coming! This week we get a whole hour in on 3D printing. We go over what has happened in the last week, filament types, slicing software and more news than you can shake a stick at.

You can download or listen to the track on SoundCloud and directly off our main page.

Links to things we discuss (opens in new window/tab):

Thanks for listening, and remember to follow us on Twitter, SoundcloudFacebook, and subscribe on Patreon!

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Monday, 25 January 2016 06:10

A week already...

How time flies. Since last week things have been a bit of a roller coaster. On the printing side of things I had some bed leveling issues with my M3D which I talk about in the new episode and seem to be resolved. It has been exciting hearing peoples reactions to our first episode and I have even had some people already asking how the new episode has gone since we just wrapped recording. Since I am in the middle of editing it; I guess they will just have to wait and see. ;) No spoilers. With any luck I will be able to get editing done and the audio uploaded by Wednesday. We were able to record more than just an intro this week so we are going to hit that one hour mark that we talked about in the first episode! I am excited as this one is going to be full of 3D printing goodness. Stay tuned to find out more.

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Monday, 18 January 2016 13:27

Podcast Episode 1: It Begins

A long time ago in a... whoa, wait. That is not how this saga starts.

Today marks the release of our first podcast, and it is days early! You can download or listen to the track on SoundCloud and directly off our main page.

While this is just our introduction episode you will hear us talk about what we do, how we got interested in 3D printing, and about why we are doing this. This episode is about half of the planned runtime of our future episodes.

Links to things we discuss:

Thanks for listening, and remember to follow us on Twitter, SoundcloudFacebook, and subscribe on Patreon!

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Sunday, 17 January 2016 18:13

Five days before we go live

We have talked about it for three months and now that we have finished recording the first episode and editing is now wrapping up and getting its final reviews. I can say that I am excited, nervous, and even a little terrified. I can say that it is one thing to talk about it, but another to actually do it. The time has come to put the rubber to the road I am hoping for the best, but there is a part of the that is expecting the worst. While this little demon will cry victory, or be defeated I will remain happy that I decided to make this step.

The main reason I took this step was Kevin Smith. He has always preached the 'why not just do it' philosophy. Just sit down with your friend, fire up a recorder and see where it goes. After doing a little planning and research, we did that and honestly it was not that hard. It almost felt, strangely enough, almost natural and I am an introverted person. It is feels good to reflect back on it because I felt prepared and had my Zen.

The longest part of this journey has been setting up the website, and even that has not been a big deal. When I started building it a month ago, felt like I would need more time, and there is still a part of me that does. I have changed things countless times in order to make the site flow and is user friendly and content is easy to find. Being the perfectionist that I am making I have often found that a "quick change" can take a whole evening. Once things are finished though, I am looking at redirecting that time back into Fallout 4. ;)

So, thanks for joining us and I really hope you find what we have to offer interesting enough to stick around.


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